Back to School – did you pack your Bluetooth?

It’s that magical time when the leaves start to fall and kids are headed back to school. For some students, they’ll be driving themselves this year. It’s a scary time with many new drivers on the road and it’s important that their cars are ‘road ready’ and safe. Some students will be driving alone while others will be driving other classmates. Obviously, having a well-maintained car is at the top of every parent’s list, but with the added distractions that come with smart/cell phone ownership, having Bluetooth available to your young drivers can be a literal life saver.


“Bluetooth” is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. It connects devices using radio waves from fixed and mobile devices and creates a personal area network. In short – it connects smart phones with larger networks – and it does this in a way that allows for a hands-free experience.

While smart phones connect us with so many everyday activities (they tell time, set reminders, give directions, keep a calendar and stream music) they also serve as a real-time connection between kids and parents during what has become a very busy life. While the technology is truly amazing, if not used in a safe way, that same technology can be dangerous.


While this applies to every driver – but new drivers especially – enabling Bluetooth in your car is a must. Since October 1, 2013, law enforcement has been permitted to stop any driver suspected of operating a handheld cell phone while behind the wheel. That said, using a handheld cell phone while driving has been a primary offense in Maryland since late 2013.


According to the Maryland Highway Safety Office, consider the following:


And Nationally:

The Good News


CarWorx can not only give your car a system check on it’s moving parts, but they can set you and your new drivers up with Bluetooth so they can stream that music, talk to Siri, phone home, check those directions and even send that text. In the end, Bluetooth will keep your driver safe and give you peace of mine. Call CarWorx and make an appointment today – you’ll be glad you did and your kids (for once) will thank you!


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