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Update to the newest technology without having to buy a new car! By improving your audio/visual capabilities, you also increase the quality and value of your vehicle, and can make the most of your investment by transferring your new system when you do purchase a new car.

Our Process

CarWorx has a dedicated bay solely for audio/visual and security installations, performing work using Pioneer, Audiovox, Metra, Memphis Audio, and Viper components. And rest assured the end result will be satisfactory: Our certified installers are the only ones who touch your car or truck.

Step 1

We remove your door panels and covers.

Step 2

We prepared the cabling on the bench.

Step 3

We install your new system and test battery for appropriate supply power to all devices.

Step 4

We go over the new installation with our customer and cover any questions that may arise.

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Audio / Video Brands:

Nothing but the best for our clients! We only keep in stock the latest and greatest in audio/visual systems.

Pioneer Audio
Audio / Video
Memphis Car Audio
Audio / Video
Audio / Video
Kicker Audio
Audio / Video

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