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It’s remarkable when you think about the advances in the automotive industry in just the last ten years. More than body styling, but fuel efficiency, performance, safety and technology have fast-forwarded the industry and provided consumers with many conveniences and an overall improved user experience. We’re living in the middle of a technology sprint that touches nearly every aspect of our lives which goes far beyond our cars and trucks. Since the introduction of ‘smart’ technologies – specifically in cell phones, or smart phones – it’s easy to see how the convergence of technology has disrupted our lives for good.

It’s the law
Moore's Law is the observation that the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. To put that in real perspective, think about your smartphone for a moment. The computer in your smartphone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful. That’s a billion-fold increase in price performance of computing in approximately the last 25 years. Now, overlay this with the amount of data that’s being shared. In 2013, the amount of digital information created and shared in the world increased nine-fold in just five years – to almost two zettabytes by the end of 2011. Many experts projected that by 2015, data creation and sharing would quadruple. Well folks, we’re there.

Stick to the data
Rather than fully unpack the mind-boggling stats at the intersection of speed and data – let’s focus in on Bluetooth technology and how it interacts with your car or truck. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two compatible devices to communicate. In the car, it lets you operate a mobile phone "hands-free," meaning you don't have to hold the device while making or taking a call or performing such functions as accessing the phone's address book. But there are few more things that Bluetooth will allow you to do in your car:

Stream Audio
One of the best – and most popular – features of having Bluetooth technology in your car is the ability to stream audio. Just download your favorite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks on to your phone and hit the road. You can use Bluetooth to listen while you drive. Just imagine cruising down the road while listening to your favorite songs or that book you mean to read. Commutes are more fun, and it can help passengers stay entertained.

Hands-Free Text Messaging
Most smart phones give you bi-directional access to your text messages, meaning that your phone can read your text messages to you or allow you to dictate a text message. When your car has Bluetooth, you can hear your messages through your car’s speakers.

Getting Directions
You can use your car’s Bluetooth technology to get directions too. Thanks to Bluetooth, you won’t risk missing a turn because you didn’t hear the prompt. By pairing your car with your smart phone or GPS, you can have the directions for your next trip spoken through your car’s speakers.

No More Car Radio Subscriptions
Data tethering allows devices to share a single data connection. Tethering usually takes up too much data to be used for Internet browsing, but it doesn’t take much data to stream audio. In fact, you can use your car. That means you can cancel your radio subscription service and tether instead.

Siri Can Be Your Co-Pilot
Another advantage to your car’s Bluetooth technology is the ability to use your smartphone personal assistant, like Apple’s Siri, to take care of certain tasks for you while you drive. You can ask your phone to look up movie times, check on traffic, or tell you the weather forecast at your destination and hear its response via the speakers in your car.

You Can Share
Lastly, one of the best things about your car’s Bluetooth technology is that you can share it! Let your passengers stream music through your car. It just takes a second to pair the car with their devices and, unlike trying to share chargers, it won’t matter whether they have Apple or Android.

Your car’s Bluetooth technology can do so many things. You can listen to podcasts, send and receive tax messages without picking up your phone, cut the cord on your car radio subscriptions, hear directions better, take advantage of your Smartphone’s personal assistant technology, and share those connections with your passengers. Use your Bluetooth-enabled car for more than just talking on the phone while you drive. Visit Carworx today and we’ll help get you started!

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