CarWorx kicking up some dust

To be honest, winning isn’t everything – but admittedly, it’s pretty nice to win. Sometimes it’s less about the competition than it is about the recognition – the affirmation – the third-party telling you what you’ve already known but didn’t necessarily always believe.
CarWorx has been delivering their brand to customers in the Pasadena area for more than two decades. They have built their business one customer at a time – and over time, it’s their customers who do the best marketing for them! Whether repeat customers or through word of mouth, CarWorx continues to give the best service to everyone who walks through their doors. In fact, if you visit their 5,000-sf shop, you’ll find a line – but if you talk to anyone in that line, they’re not there to complain. They’re there because CarWorx is delivering consistent, quality service to them again and again.
Equipped with two full lifts, alignment racks, a growing staff of technicians and a passion for customer satisfaction – it’s no wonder CarWorx was awarded the 2017 certified dealer of the year from KICKER – one of the largest and best-known makers of specialized speakers for cars and trucks since 1973. With only 2 other dealers to receive this award in the country, it’s clear that CarWorx is doing something right!
Offering support for KICKER’s product line at multiple price points, CarWorx gets special accolades as they only refer the best for their customers. A part of their sales approach for any of their services, they encourage customers to do a little homework. Confident in what they’ll find – invariably, those customers looking for the shortcut, the lower price tag – more times than they’d care to count, will find themselves back at CarWorx to either fix bad work or become another lifelong customer. CarWorx isn’t in the ‘I told you so’ business – they want to give customers the best experience with the best products.
In addition to audio installations, CarWorx is also a leader in tinted window installations. Offering the leading name in tinting products – they are a certified 3M dealer and installer as well. Their working relationship with 3M is such that they are not only listed on their website but receive leads from them as well. To ensure the absolute best product for each customer, CarWorx uses a specially designed booth for the cleanest installation to guarantee attention to every detail.
Other specialties at CarWorx include their rim installation, lift, and suspension kits. Altering the look and style of your car is too important to leave to anyone. We carry top of the line products offered by ReadyLIFT and strictly follow the manufacturer specifications for alignments, balancing and installation and use our four-wheel alignment rack onsite leaving no guesswork to every car and truck that rolls into our shop.
Whether its glass tinting, lift kits, wheel-alignments, remote car starters or anything in between, we invite you in to check us out. You’ll like what you see – just ask anyone standing in line when you get here!


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