Preventing Car Theft and Break-ins

Did you know that July is National Theft Prevention Month? We thought it apropos to make this month’s blog post about car break-ins and theft and expound upon ways to prevent these crimes from happening to you.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, in the United States, a vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds. That’s roughly 1,920 vehicles a day, of which 42 percent of those stolen are never recovered. While car thieves can work quickly and smartly, entering and taking off with your vehicle in a few minutes, they are also opportunistic, looking for an easy victim.

Common Sense Tips
Oftentimes, drivers make it too simple for this theft to occur, neglecting to lock their car doors or even leaving the keys in the ignition. We encourage all of our clients to be aware: There are numerous ways to be a proactive driver (or passenger) and protect their vehicles, some of which include:

A Higher Degree of Security
Beyond these helpful tips, another way you can safeguard against car break-ins and theft is to install a car alarm. There are multiple types of anti-theft devices to choose from, such as:

Audible and visible car alarms deter thieves from stealing your vehicle—loud horns or sirens, flashing lights, and even security decals garner attention, attention criminals are trying to avoid. An alarm system reduces your risk of theft because they require a heightened effort than those without.

Immobilizers remove the control from the thief’s ability to “hot wire,” or start, the vehicle. Even if they were to disable the audible or visual car alarm, this component of your security system would disable the vehicle, making it impossible to drive away with the intended goods.

Vehicle recovery or tracking devices make finding your car or truck that much easier. Should someone be successful in stealing your vehicle, a tracking system can pinpoint its exact location to transmit to police or a monitoring service.

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