Trick out Your Car with a Spooky Window Treatment

Love them or hate them, tinted windows have come a long way. Back in the day, many people went the DIY route – and for the most part, it was painfully obvious. Today, tinted windows are considered an accessory and for many, they can’t live without them. Obviously, windows can come tinted from the dealer/manufacturer, but there are after-market shops like CarWorx that provide manufacturer-quality window tinting that gives the owner more variety.

Whether for shielding sensitive eyes, protecting against UV-rays, glare or sun-delay, providing privacy or just dressing up your car or truck, window tinting can add character and function at the same time:

Automatic window tinting: More like auto-MAGIC-window tinting!

For those who like their windows tinted by maybe not all the time, automatic window tinting may be the answer. At the touch of a button (from a remote fob), drivers can activate a privacy screen whenever such need arises – it’s like a dim switch for your window!

Seasonal window tint designs: Terrify the driver behind you!

Perfect for this time of year, there are several designs that will make your car or truck stand out – and wake the dead! Monsters – aliens – black cats – jack-o-lanterns – clowns, and everything in between, seasonal window tints are a perfect way to make people turn heads and spread evil at the same time!


Regular window tinting: Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Even if you’re not up for a scary window film this year, having your windows tinted is a nice “extra” that will add comfort and privacy to you’re on the road. While to some it might be boring, but regular window tinting can also vary by color and pattern, not to mention the percentage of tint – which ranges between 5% and 50%. Observing local laws, the professionals at CarWorx are ready to show you a range of window tinting options perfect for you.

Car window tinting has evolved over the years, offering customers plenty of choice and customization. While the options above are popular, there’s a growing demand for patterned tinting as well which is often used in commercial applications. All of our tinting products are from leading vendors, 3M and Sunguard – both leaders in the industry.


In addition to window tinting, all our services, which include Audio/Video, Remote Starters/Alarms, Wheels/Tires and Lift Kits/Suspensions, CarWorx is geared to help our customers find the best accessory for their car or truck. Don’t miss out on the fun, stop in and talk to us today!

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